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IMG_2576Thanks for visiting!! My name is Kim Sundy, and I am the blogger behind the web site A Moving Story. Are you interested in contacting me directly? I can be reached at: ksundy at Gmail on Twitter or using the contact form below.

The goal of my blog is to connect with my audience by sharing personal stories and experiences. I love my readers and am grateful for the personal relationships this blog has created for me. As an expat, I have feet in two worlds: in Mexico City, I’m a wife and the mother to a boy and a dog. When I’m in the States, I can be found in the stands of a Michigan game or out shopping with my mom and mother-in-law. I’m a high-touch ESFJ, and I can promise you, if you write me, I will write you back!
My content generally falls within one of five categories:

  • Travel: From day trips to luxury vacations, I love discovering the world!
  • Expatriation: I currently live in Mexico City with my dog, husband and tween son.
  • Food: I am passionate and opinionated about wine, restaurants + dog friendly dining!
  • Style: I believe style is carefully cultivated. I especially love small businesses and new-to-market items and ideas.
  • Inspiration: I am on a mission to find and spread happiness. Join me!

*This page is not updated monthly, so please reach out to me if you are interested in additional information.

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