Smoothie Operator: Blending With The Boy!!

20130617-203413.jpgMy son and I love smoothies.

When we’re out walking we love to stop at our local smoothie store and buy juicy treats. But the treats get expensive. As part of our effort to start eating healthier around here, we’ve taken up home juicing!

In my experience, eating healthy is easier when the food is tasty.


My obsession with the blender started a few months ago when my friend P. bought herself a Vitamix.

That thing is a high performance blending machine. It’s the Porsche of blenders.

Naturally, when she got it, I went to her house to use it! We peeled some peanuts and we made our own peanut butter.


Watching the Vitamix was mesmerizing. It has a ton of horsepower and a little wand to mush and pulverize food.

It’s incredible!


We made peanut butter.

{My family probably doesn’t know I did this, because I hid it in the back of our fridge and ate all of it}.

It was delicious!


Making the peanut butter got me excited about blending and chopping things.

What I was not excited about was the price of the Vitamix.

I needed an alternative.

I checked on Amazon and found the Ninja.


The Ninja has decent horse power and can grind quite seriously. My mom and I searched several stores and finally found the one we wanted. At 1,100 watts we felt confident it would grind frozen fruit and spinach. My Kitchen Aid was struggling to get the job done, though new. We leaned in and bought the model with the to-go cup attachment so we could blend smoothies on the go. I’m still thinking about getting a dedicated juicer, but for now, this has provided hours of entertainment for the boy and I. We’ve become mad scientist in the kitchen, and it’s quite fun.


The boy and I are having an awesome time chopping spinach, bananas, and tossing in fresh mangos and frozen strawberries. I even let him slice bananas with a sharp knife!


Because we have to disinfect all of our fruits and vegetables, our selections are very calculated. Fruits once disinfected need to be used almost immediately, lest they mold and rot. As a result, we tend to use more frozen fruit here than we would in the US because there are so many contaminants {and disinfection is sort of a headache}.


We’re particularly fascinated with using lots and lots of spinach in our smoothies! It’s intriguing because we know that greens are good for you, but the thought of drinking them isn’t so appealing. Still, because we know they’re in there but absolutely can’t taste them, we load our shakes down with spinach “just to see if we can taste it.”


Now that we’re obsessed, we’ve started pinning our favorite recipes to a Pinterest Board called, “Smoothie Operator”— if you have favorite recipes, please send them to me! I can also add you as a pinner — just let me know.

We’re having a good time using our new machinery-and we’re on the look out for tasty suggestions! Eating better is more fun when it involves good taste and great fun!

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4 Responses to Smoothie Operator: Blending With The Boy!!

  1. Foodie in WV says:

    We love smoothies in our house too. They are a great way to start the day!

  2. You had me at “fresh peanut butter.”

  3. this looks AMAZING! i would love to make fresh peanut butter but our blender isn’t strong enough. that’s reason enough for a new one right?

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