Sushi Makes Me Smile: A Nobu Birthday

Nobu, Sushi, love, birthday
It’s been a long month around here!

I had no expectations for my birthday, given our chaotic lives lately. So when DH told me we were going to Santa Fe to celebrate my birthday I never thought about it twice. I just assumed we were going to Central Central.

When we pulled up to Nobu, I almost peed!!

Nobu, Sushi, love, birthdayI realize that admission isn’t lady-like but the truth is, I was stunned!

Like many other people, I lived in New York when I was young and poor.

I remember walking past Nobu and thinking it was so fancy and special. Even now, from time to time, I even see it mentioned in my gossip magazines.

When I realized we were going to go inside {forget eating–I was happy with entering!!} I literally wanted to break out into the Dougie, right there at valet!

Fortunately, we had to ascend an escalator before reaching the restaurant. This gave me an opportunity to collect myself.

Nobu, Sushi, love, birthdayNobu is located inside of a premium shopping mall with several other high end restaurants. The location serves its purpose: many corporate headquarters are located in Santa Fe allowing business people on expense accounts to take advantage of its proximity to various corporate headquarters. We dined on a Thursday, so there weren’t many patrons in the restaurant. As a result, we had very attentive service.

Nobu, Sushi, love, birthdayAs I always complain about, the sushi in Mexico is awful, and it’s something the three of us really miss about living in the US. {Dear Mexico, cream cheese is for bagels, not sushi! Love, Kim}

The child barely sat down before he ordered miso soup, edamame and tempura. DH and I quickly looked at the menu and ordered a spicy tuna roll and some scallops. The scallops were delicious. The spicy tuna was my favorite thing we ate!

Nobu, Sushi, love, birthday The black cod is the house specialty so we ordered that as well. It tasted exactly like the cod at our favorite restaurant in Minneapolis, and it was great!

Nobu, Sushi, love, birthday For dessert, the chef sent out a small cake and green tea ice cream.

It was a delicious end to an amazing meal.

Nobu, Sushi, love, birthdayAlthough we didn’t have pre-dinner drinks, the bar was quite lovely.

Nobu, Sushi, love, birthdayIn fact, if I had any complaint, it would be that the smoking section was incredibly nice–much nicer than the rest of the restaurant with a roaring fireplace and a beautiful vertical garden. In Mexico, it’s against the law for children to sit in the smoking section and this smoking section was stuffy and smoke filled–no non-smoker or responsible parent would want to sit there–especially with a kid in tow.

The remainder of the restaurant was basic wooden tables {nothing special} and they didn’t even have the mini table-side purse trees, which was a big oversight in such a nice restaurant. Logic would have it, that any lady dining at Nobu would have a purse too nice to sit on the floor. Taco stands have purse racks. I can’t believe Nobu
did not.

The other knock: a plumber is needed at sink two in the ladies room. I went to wash my hands and the sink exploded all over my brand new dress.

I was fuming!

Smoking sections and bathrooms aside, the restaurant was great. I was really surprised and very happy to eat at Nobu with my boys. I enjoyed the service and the food. If you go, order the spicy tuna!

Nobu, Sushi, love, birthday
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2 Responses to Sushi Makes Me Smile: A Nobu Birthday

  1. Foodie in WV says:

    I’m a big fan of sushi too, love it 🙂 None of the restaurants around here have purse trees either. Even the expensive ones. I agree that they are nice, I hate having to put my purse on the floor or my lap. Your meal looks delicious!

    • amovingstory says:

      That’s definitely one of my favorite things about Mexico. You can go to even the cheapest hole in the wall and the host will take your purse and hang it up, table side! Happy Sunday + thanks for the comment!!

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