GPS for the Soul: My Go To Source for Stress Relief


Lately I’ve had my fair share of stress and uncertainty. Luckily, in our modern world there are modern tools for managing chaos.

In my world, the HuffPost GPS4Soul app is my go-to resource.

HuffPost GPS4Soul App

Look for the HuffPost GPS4Soul App on iTunes!

The GPS 4Soul app is something you either love or you hate. Predicated on the idea that harmony and balance are possible this app was created to help manage stress!!

I love it because it provides me with a real-time measurement of my stress levels and instantly connects me to things that make me happy. Living in Mexico causes a fair amount of stressful situations, as you might imagine, and I have found the app to be quite useful for managing my stress and anger!!

Like anything, the app has its good and bad points.


The app has something cool called, “GPS Guides,” which I love! It comes with a series of pre-populated guides from people like Deepak Chopra and HuffPost founder, Arianna Huffington, or, you can create your own. When you create a guide you can share it with others or keep it private.

I made a public guide with some of my favorite pictures from my blog, and a private one with photos of my family. I like to look at the photos, read the quotes and listen to the relaxing, spa-like music. Check it out here.

If you decide me make one, please email me, so I can add it to my collection!!

HuffPost GPS4Soul iPhone Sensor

HuffPost GPS4Soul App with iPhone Sensor

The app also has a built in heart rate sensor. The heart rate sensor works with the iPhone camera, using its flash. A meter reads your stress level. It takes quite a bit of time to read your level and it doesn’t work as consistently as I’d like it to. The sensor is supposed to display a deep red color when you’re feeling stressed and a calming blue when you’re in sync.

A few weeks ago, I had my friends over and I was showing off my app (quite proudly). For whatever reason, the sensor didn’t work consistently and my guests seemed more stressed after attempting to read their stress levels than they were prior to my sharing my app. BUT, I promise you, when it works, it really works. 

HuffPost App GPS4Soul iTunes Lifestyle

HuffPost App GPS4Soul

Despite the irregularity of the heart rate sensor, I still like the app.

Everyday you receive a little reminder that it’s “time to check in with yourself.”

It’s good to force yourself to take a few minutes for you!

The app also features a breathing pacer, which helps you regulate your breathing. I use that thing all the time in Mexico--someone here is always making me furious, and I appreciate having the breathing pacer to help me re-focus!

For me, sometimes “checking in” means, “Kim, it’s time to have coffee/wine,” other days I like to test my heart rate to see if I’m “in sync,” as the app says. Either way, it’s nice to have the app, because it feels like you have someone looking after you!

Best Friends Champagne Milestones

Best Friends + Champagne = Happiness

I know I’m probably driving you a little crazy this week. But, I promise that my heart is in the right place. I just love this little HuffPost app. I’ve been using it to remain calm and positive and I’ve found that it really works. I’ve been forcing myself to take a break from my personal chaos and center on just one positive thought–and every time I have, I’ve smiled.

Being healthy isn’t just about eating right. A bright, positive outlook is important too. Stress can be destructive.

Whatever works for you, make sure you that you take a moment to withdraw from the madness of the world and smile for a few seconds (and email me if you download the app or create a guide!!!).

❤ kim

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One Response to GPS for the Soul: My Go To Source for Stress Relief

  1. Foodie in WV says:

    Heart rate sensors can be off on cell phones in general. I have a couple of different apps for measuring heart rate on my phone and if you don’t sit still the right way they won’t read accurately. I have never heard of the app, but it sounds interesting, I will have to check it out!

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