Moms Rock! Celebrating My Favorite Moms In Mexico City!!


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Hardest job in the world? Hands down, being a mom.

Sure it’s rewarding and amazing, but raising someone is a lot of work, and it requires thoughtfulness, diligence and patience. Moms do so much for others (including other moms!), that I decided I wanted to do something for my mom friends. I decided that I wanted to have a party on Thursday night since Friday was a national holiday (Mother’s Day), and people had the day off from work.

Wine and cheese after tuck in seemed to work great.

The fancy party planning ladies from the event planning company Ritzy Bee inspired me with a cheese board I saw on Pinterest. I liked the boards, but I don’t have a saw. Luckily, I know someone who does: my dad. I called him and we had a pre-pro meeting. I showed him the image of the cheese board and asked him if he could make some. He thought that he could.

The experts at Ritzy Bee presented the cool idea in a Martha Stewart article. They reasoned that buffet cheese plates look sort of gross after people pick at them for awhile, and it would be a little more handsome for guests to have personal cheese boards, with clever thumb holes!


Photo credits by: Kate Headley

My dad made 20 cheeseboards–and the boy who is amazingly handy and crafty, took one look at the velum template and created a custom velum sheet for my party.


He printed them and used his fancy purple glue stick to affix them to the cheese boards. He used a little transparent tape to hold the paper down while the glue dried, but later peeled it off to reveal a perfect personal cheese plate. I was quite impressed with his genius.


As if that weren’t amazing enough, he then created signs for all of the wines (who is this kid?). I wasn’t sure if he was being helpful, or was just interested in using the computer–but I wasn’t complaining!


I had a dozen or so Govino champagne glasses that my mom had given me for Christmas (after my trusty friend Sarah introduced me to the awesome wine glasses) so I pulled those out along with some Rouge from Frank Family vineyards and we started the party off with delicious Champagne from Napa and two bottles I had purchased at Freixenet.


I tossed a tablecloth over the side of the patio (versus hauling another table out onto the patio) and was pleased to see that we had plenty of red, white and sparkling wine.

Because some of my friends aren’t wine drinkers, I had a ‘make-your-own-beer-flight’ section too. Guests could pour from light to dark and sample different beers. I neglected to photograph the beers– but each flight sat on a plate where guests could arrange the beers easily and taste them in order.


Wal-Mart had a dozen roses for $4.00, so I purchased two dozen and arranged the buffet and patio table with beautiful pink flowers.


And, luckily, I had snatched plenty of Dickinson’s honey from room service earlier in the week–so each guest had her own honey pot to place on the cheese tray.


I also introduced my friends to my favorite app: Clapmera. I love the concept of clapping and saying cheese. The timer is a little tricky, but it creates some hysterical photos. DH was horrified to learn that I introduced our award-winning photojournalist friend to Clapmera, but I promise, she loved it!


All told, we had a wonderful time. It was fun to introduce my new friends to each other and take a little time to celebrate mother’s day with other awesome moms! A huge “thank you” to my son and dad for putting together a great party!

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