No Fridgin’ Way

20130419-074323.jpgSometimes being an expat blows.

Yesterday, after I went to Costco to purchase our meat for the next two weeks, we divided it up. Manuela put half of it in the freezer and I put half of it in the fridge. When I opened the fridge, I was surprised that it wasn’t cold. The freezer was. I called the engineer and he said he would come over around 5 to fix it. Not trusting anything anyone here says, I went to Wal-mart and bought some ice. Thank goodness we had that party: there are plenty of coolers left over.

20130419-074848.jpgThis morning, four guys came over and unplugged and disassembled the one part that was working: the freezer. Now, all of the food that I purchased is out. I have to go to Wal-Mart and buy two more coolers and ice.

20130419-075158.jpgWhen I asked Manuela when the fridge would be fixed she frowned. Clearly she was not happy. “Senor Huerta, the office manager thinks it’s too expensive. He does not want to fix it.”

20130419-075456.jpgI just recovered from 11 days of food poisoning. This guy just asked us if we wanted to re-sign the lease.

I have a child.

Senor Huerta, Do you really fucking think we are going to pay more for this apartment than we do for our mortgage at home and live here without a fridge?

If you think that, then you have another think coming.

I’m off to Wal-Mart to buy more coolers and more ice. Staying at home totally sucks. I love when people say, “What did you do today?” Or, “What do you do all day?” My answer of, “I made sure our fridge got fixed,” does not even begin to cover the hell this will be to resolve. My whole entire day is going to be dedicated to the resolution of this disaster, and trying to salvage some of our food.

20130419-090919.jpgWish me luck.

Happy Friday!

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