@Entremar: An Enjoyable Seafood Lunch

20130324-191428.jpgA few weeks ago we finally went to Contramar, the city’s trendiest, open-only-at-lunch seafood restaurant. It was delicious and it was the perfect place to people watch, see and be seen.20130324-192547.jpg

Yesterday, we were exhausted, “starving” and craving seafood. We decided to visit Entremar, Contramar’s sister restaurant, which is located in Polanco and is walkable from our house. We had stopped by Entremar before, but had forgotten that they’re a lunch-only establishment like so many other seafood places in town. If you go, call ahead and make a reservation. It’s popular and generally crowded.

We happened to be hungry at the right time (3:00 pm) and on the right week (everyone had left for Semana Santa–the Easter holiday). We headed over and were seated immediately.

20130324-193143.jpgLike so many family relationships, someone has to be uglier and less cool. In this family of seafood restaurants, Entremar is that sibling. It’s uglier. It’s less cool. It’s reliable. Yet, despite an unpleasant physical plant and location, the food and service are outstanding, even if everything else isn’t.

20130324-193620.jpgEntremar is located in Polanco, right off of Presidente Masaryk avenue. This avenue is frequently compared to Rodeo Drive, so it’s nothing to sneeze at. However, the restaurant is directly across the street from Parque Uruguay, a popular Pedigree Dog Park, and it smells like pee. (Dear Pedigree, please partner with Clorox on park maintenance). The restaurant does not smell like the park, but it’s a gross way to approach a restaurant and there’s no way I would wait outside for a table there.

The restaurant itself also isn’t as snazzy as Contramar, or its competitor, Fisher’s down the street. It has low ceilings, blue fish drawings on the wall, and it feels cramped. A little more like a pozoleria than an expensive fish restaurant.

20130324-203918.jpg We enjoyed our meal at Contramar, and after looking at the menu at Entremar and observing that though it was a little smaller, it included all of our favorites, we decided to order the same thing we’d had before.

Most fish meals here begin with a small basket of fresh baked bread and saltines that come to the table individually wrapped. While we ate bread, we ordered Casa Madero, a Mexican Chardonnay, to celebrate the warm weather. It was crisp and tasty. Worth mentioning as Mexican wines are either awesome or awful.

For an appetizer, we ordered the fish ceviche. We were so hungry that we ate all of it, and there was nothing left to photograph when I looked up! We love that fish ceviche!!! Like last time, we ordered the Pescado a la Talla, the large grilled fish. Last time we ordered a half red, half green fish. This time we opted for seasoning the entire fish with the dried red spice rub as it was more appealing to us than the salsa verde. The only fish they had was 3 1/2 lbs, but we ate all of it–to the astonishment of our waiter.

My only regret is that we didn’t have dessert there. We instead opted for the Cupcakeria down the street, where we purchased four beautiful but stale and crumbling cupcakes. It was a disappointment and we ended up eating candy bars from 7-11 instead.

All in all: I recommend Entremar for an enjoyable lunch.

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2 Responses to @Entremar: An Enjoyable Seafood Lunch

  1. OM NOM NOM!!! Sounds absolutely fabulous but the only thing that bothers me is you can see the head on the fish–eyes intact and all. Maybe that is the Midwesterner in me, but that never fails to creep me out on a certain level.

    I don’t think it occurred to me either that Mexico produced wines. You do such a wonderful justice to them with your descriptions! ❤

    • amovingstory says:

      Thanks, Annie!! I agree. Any food with eyes and a head is frightening. And, maybe because we are Midwesterners–but it’s a strange and curious balance. I usually move the head away from me. But cheese curds and State Fair foods on a stick aren’t “normal” either!

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