Cupcakería: Looks Cute, Feels Crummy!

20130324-212952.jpgCupcakería is a small, stylish cupcake shop with stores in the swankiest neighborhoods in DF: Coyocan, Condessa, Lomas de Chapultepec and Polanco.

Cupcakería first opened its doors in 2011, and has quickly become a success. An impressive accomplishment in a city where people are not obsessed with cupcakes.

Cupcakería was created by Conchita Valdés Aguilar Amante, and her brother. They wanted to create a business that was unique and attractive to families. Thus, Cupcakería was born.

20130324-214606.jpgThere’s a lot to like about Cupcakería. Everything, in my opinion, except for the cupcakes. The stores are small and cute. They remind me of the popular Sprinkles cupcakes franchises in the US. They offer a variety of cupcakes in different flavors, on different days.

20130324-215832.jpg The flavors are creative and the cupcakes are beautiful. The store has a simple, clean layout like Sprinkles. And, the packaging is clean and playful. They have a great web presence and PR. As a marketer, I’m impressed.

20130324-220211.jpg You’ll notice that there are only three cupcakes in the photos. That’s because DH inhaled his and tossed the wrapper.

After we got home, he commented that the cupcake was stale and crumbled everywhere as he bit into it. The boy and I ate ours too and had the same reaction.

The cupcakes were beautiful.

The guy working in the store was very friendly.

Still, the cupcakes weren’t fresh, they weren’t tasty and they crumbled everywhere when we bit into them.

We were disappointed.

I wouldn’t go back to Cupcakería. That was my second cupcake from the bakery and both left me feeling crummy.

Pun intended.


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2 Responses to Cupcakería: Looks Cute, Feels Crummy!

  1. cteachr says:

    You’re right. They look mass produced. No art in that.

  2. You are on the mark–what a lovely little shop and what gorgeous cupcakes! But if they are not saborosos, why in the world would you go back?

    BTW your photos are always so lovely. You make me want to run away overseas and just write full time!!!

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