Visiting A Pueblo Mágico: Taxco, A Silver Mining Town @MexicoTourismBd @SECTUR_mx

This weekend was a four day weekend in Mexico. With Monday off, we went on a mini adventure with friends to the city of Taxco.

Taxco is located south of DF, in the Guerrero state. The backbone of the town is silver production and mining, but tourism is also very popular as the town is picturesque. All of the buildings in the town are white. This uniformity makes for a very beautiful look and feel. The town is hilly and houses and shops are all built into the side of the hills, creating a beautiful cascading effect.

20130318-091406.jpgLike all towns in Mexico, Taxco has a town square called a Zocalo. Every Zocalo features a church, and Taxco is no exception. Taxco has a beautiful church called the Santa Prisca Church.

The church was built by a man named José de la Borda. He made a lot of money in the silver mines, and had two very religious children: his daughter was a nun, his son a priest. In homage to his children he commissioned a beautiful baroque church with nine altars, made of pink stone. The church was an expensive undertaking and nearly bankrupted him.


The church was completed in 8 short years. Currently, it’s in the process of being restored. Restoration has lasted some 16 years! Funny that it takes longer to restore than to build.


Unfortunately, the photos of the trip are a little dark. That’s because it was raining violently the entire time we were there. Still, the city was lovely and we managed to have a nice visit.


Taxco has been designated as a Pueblo Magico by the Secretary of Tourism. It’s one of 83 cities in the country that has earned this distinction. I’m hoping that over the course of our assignment I’m able to visit most of the places on the list. With regard to Taxco, the town’s aesthetic and three active silver mines make it a special and magical place to visit.

I approve of its inclusion on the list!


There were a lot of great stores in the town square. While I felt that the silver was nice, much of it was either very expensive or very inexpensive. There really wasn’t really a middle.

Still, the vendors were nice.

Some of the stores were large and had great merchandising, while others were smaller co-op style with independent vendors selling their wares.


We purchased a pair of earrings for Manuela. She loves earrings and always wears them when she’s going someplace special.


One surprise: there was a large and beautiful basket store in the town plaza. The baskets were well made and I loved them. It took forever to select just one.


Hindsight being 20/20, I might have purchased two of the larger baskets, as we were traveling by bus and I could have easily toted them home. Lord knows our tiny vehicle cannot carry all three of us plus one basket.


At the time, I wasn’t sure where I would put a large basket, so I only purchased one. I ended up with a small round basket. I’m happy with my purchase and will be on the lookout for another if I can figure out where I can squeeze it into this apartment!


One of the other crafts that the Guerrero state is famous for are beautiful, brightly colored masks. The masks are very lovely and very detailed. I tried to purchase one of the devil a few months ago and Manuela forbade it. Apparently, the idea of a gigantic life-sized mask of Satan did not appeal to her.


Taxco is an adorable, small town. It would be a nice place to spend the day or a short weekend. There were plenty of places to eat and shop.

0While we liked Taxco, it’s not on the water, which would limit the amount of time we’d probably be willing to spend there in the future. We liked going with friends and their kids–it made the trip fun and the kids kept it interesting. But, at the end of the day, we’re beach people and crave the sun and the sand.

Many of the silver shops offered tours of the workshops, mines and information on the minerals and mining process. It was interesting to learn about silver mining at the shop we visited. Afterwards, the guide passed around a rock with unmined silver.


If you decide to visit, be warned: the road there and back is very curvy. Many people got car sick on the bus!



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