It’s In The Mail! With Love From Mexico!! @correosdemexico

IMG_8503Some days, it’s the little things that are the most interesting. IMG_8506 For months, I wondered where the post office in Mexico was. Turns out, I walked past two post offices quite frequently. I never knew what they were because unlike in the USA, where post offices look very official and the colors are a very patriotic red, white, and blue the post office here is branded with the very non-intuitive brand palette of hot pink and lime green.IMG_8507Once I realized what the post office was, I thought it would be great to send some mail home. Unfortunately, finding an envelope proved nearly impossible.

I went to Office Max, Office Depot: no envelopes. I tried the paper store: no envelopes. Finally, while cleaning the boy’s room, I found an old report card in a drawer, and as luck would have it, the report card was in a blank envelope.


I could mail one letter. Pathetic, I know, but better than nothing. IMG_8507I decided to send a letter to my friend’s daughters. They are faithful readers and I thought they would be up for an experiment. Our family has been holding a bet: how many days will it take for the girls to receive the letter? Will the trinkets I placed in the envelope arrive intact? The boy thinks that it will take over a month for the letters to arrive. Sometime after Easter. I think it will take three weeks.IMG_8505We’ll see if the letter even arrives!! Stay tuned for a guest report from my little friends in Minnesota!

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2 Responses to It’s In The Mail! With Love From Mexico!! @correosdemexico

  1. meagan8477 says:

    I live in South Korea. I used to walk a mile each way to the post office (for over a year)… and then I realized there was actually a post office a block from my apartment, in the opposite direction! haha

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