Moor Spa: It Was Moor or Less Okay! @glamourmex @Mundomongomx

20130218-140833.jpgTucked inside Saks Fifth Avenue, Moor Spa is a tiny, tidy little spa.

I arrived for my 11:30 appointment a few minutes late. I had trouble finding the place because there are two Saks Fifth Avenues located in the Plaza Carso mall. For reference, it’s in the Saks directly across from the Nike store.

When I arrived, I was offered water or coke. I chose the water and also asked for the direction of the bathroom. I was not so thrilled to learn that unfortunately, there is no bathroom inside the spa. Patrons are required to go across the hall and have to use the mall bathroom. I was not excited about this because I don’t like public restrooms one bit, especially in Latin America.

Apparently, I had wrongly assumed that because the name included the word “spa” there would be bathrooms, bathrobes and showers in the establishment. I probably wouldn’t have minded if I were getting a facial or a manicure, but generally when you get a massage they put a lot of oil and cream on you and sometimes it is nice to wash all of that off before leaving.

20130218-141616.jpgUnlike many spas in DF, Moor Spa has traditional chairs for pedicures. This is exceptionally rare here and I was glad to see that there were two, in case clients want pedicures with a friend. The spa uses Jessica and NARS nail products.

A very nice masseuse named Paola walked me into the room for the massage. The room was warm and clean. She handed me a paper bikini and left the room.

20130218-142242.jpgI was all in on the massage, not so much on the bikini, although it was pink. I am also very prudish and am freaked out by any kind of nudity–especially my own. As I was eyeballing the paper bikini I was not excited to see the frosted glass window behind me, and the silhouette of a man leaning against it waiting for his friend to leave the restroom. I know that he couldn’t see in the room (because I double checked when I left), but I was a little shaken by both the bikini and the frosted glass!

20130218-142656.jpgI dutifully put the bikini on and waited for Paola, my masseuse to come in. While I was laying down I heard click-clacking and asked Paola what the noise was when she arrived. She explained that Saks actually has another spa upstairs but that it has different offerings. The constant walking back and forth made relaxing challenging at first, but eventually I grew used to it.

I showed the masseuse my badly bruised leg and she gave me a great massage. She was extremely careful with my leg and I was grateful. It was a good massage and reasonably priced.

20130218-143246.jpgI also got my legs waxed from a woman named Carmen, who was also very nice. She was speedy and friendly. As I checked out, she gave me a punch card and explained that with multiple visits, I would qualify for a free service.

Surprisingly, Moor Spa also has gift cards!

No one in DF has gift cards!

I will definitely keep that in mind for Christmas teacher presents this year!

20130218-143629.jpgThere was a lot to like about Moor Spa. The staff was friendly, they have a cute space, and it’s in a great location. I also thought the products (like Jessica nails) were quite good. The things I wasn’t crazy about were things the spa couldn’t control: no shower or bathroom, a noisy upstairs neighbor. I would visit again and try a facial. Armed with my punch card, of course.

One other footnote: Mongo, the brand of artisan animals whose proceeds empower women were used to decorate the interior. They were so cute–I was glad to see the interior designer has such great taste!!!

If you go, let me know!


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