Cool de Sac Is A Child-Friendly Restaurant In A Very Chic Mall! @cooldesacfun:

Cool de Sac as photographed from their website

Cool de Sac as photographed from their website

When a restaurant advertises itself as being fun for kids and having edible food for adults, you must investigate.

My girlfriend is a frequent guest at the mall, Paseo de Reforma. She has a two year old and the mall has a sparkling clean play area. Not only is the play area well maintained, but it also is well-padded and prefect for toddlers to enjoy and explore.

The swanky mall here!

Possibly the swankiest mall here!

The mall has a Thomas Pink, Benneton, Le Sportsac, Liverpool, Palacio de Hierro and other high end stores. In addition to having high end stores it also sits at a much higher altitude than my house. I completely forgot this until I showed up and started feeling dizzy and lightheaded.

Apparently, I am very sensitive to the altitude!

Swanky ice cream shop!

Swanky ice cream shop!

My girlfriend wanted to eat at a restaurant she had walked past many times, but called Cool de Sac. With locations in Miami, Orlando, and Mexico, Cool de Sac is part of a chain of family friendly restaurants. The restaurant bills itself as fun for kids with edible food for adults. It was my girlfriend’s birthday, so it worked out perfectly. Her daughter got to play and we got to eat!

When you first enter the restaurant a fee is charged for your child to play. It’s minimal, and they have unlimited playtime. Then, everyone in your party receives a wrist band for security purposes. This is similar to Chuck E. Cheese in the US.

Wristbands ensure safety!

Wristbands ensure safety!

Upon entry, you are greeted by numerous stations. These stations allow your kids to play while you eat. They’re wonderful because there are stations that appeal to a broad variety of age groups:

There’s a toddler area for younger children.

Remove your shoes and you can enjoy the toddler area!

Remove your shoes and you can enjoy the toddler area!

Complete with a train table.IMG_7540
And a computer and video game section that appeals to a broad variety of ages.IMG_7547
There were oodles of Mega Bloks!
Chalkboards shaped like people…IMG_7524
Silly mirrors…IMG_7525
A lovely vanity…..
And private building stations.IMG_7523

I liked that the restaurant had plenty of space. It wasn’t crowded and could easily seat large parties. This makes the restaurant an option for meeting other families on the weekends or hosting large parties. IMG_7528
As a parent, I like when restaurants give you useful cups for kid beverages. Kudos to the re-usable kid cup!!
We found the service to be attentive, the food to be absolutely fine and the ambiance was a lot of fun! This would be a great place for grown ups to connect, eat and enjoy watching the kids play.

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