The Postres Window: How Sweet It Is @BurgerKingMX

20130110-220719.jpgIn a country with absolutely no sense of urgency whatsoever, it gives me great pleasure to report that an infrastructure is in place so that you do not have to wait for dessert: the postres window.

Not interested in a burger? Fries? Soda?

No problem.

No waiting.

Just step right up to the postres window. The line is short and the only thing available is dessert.

The first time I saw the postres window was at the zoo. I thought it was just a zoo thing, and a great idea. But every fast food outlet has a distinct line where it’s just desserts. McDonald’s has a spartan window: ice cream or pie. Burger King has a deluxe offering, with better toppings and better ice cream offerings: shakes, sundaes and toppings. Both have the postres window at all of their stores.

No-waiting dessert.

I don’t know about you, but I like the sundaes and ice cream at McDonald’s and Burger King. Many days we would visit just for the dessert after playing in the park. And on those “I-just-want-an-ice-cream” days, I would have loved to have the postres window in the US.

In fact, DH and I happen to have a favorite postre (dessert): Mc Donald’s fried apple pies.

20130110-224405.jpgIn the 90’s McDonald’s stopped selling fried apple pies in the US (shouts out to for somehow finding an image of a fried pie). While depressed, DH and I decided that when we went on overseas vacations we would find McDonald’s and indulge in a fried apple pie.

Years later, on every single trip abroad we’ve made it a point to enjoy one.

Amsterdam. Paris. Athens. DF. You name it, we put it on the “must do” list, stopped and ate a pie.

In Mexico City we don’t eat them too often. You can’t have fried pie too often! But when we do, we visit the postres window to pick one up! And, in a country where internet banking transactions can only be conducted during banking hours, and everyone waits for everything, I appreciate the genius who decided that no one would waste one precious moment waiting around for dessert.

Have a sweet weekend!


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