Haute Dish: Dining At Bar Tomate

20130106-140258.jpgDH wanted to take us to a restaurant he had visited with some chums from work. Located around the corner from the Louis Vuitton store, Bar Tomate isn’t actually a bar, it’s a restaurant. This restaurant serves “lunch” until 8:00 pm, and then it resets the clock and starts serving dinner at 9:00 pm.

The restaurant is located on the second floor of the building and is a large, well decorated space. To enter, you check in at the hostess stand downstairs and then the hostess takes you to your table via an elevator.
Once upstairs the decor is beautiful large open space. The boy liked the “secret doors” or “fake bookcase” doors that the kitchen staff walked through to enter the kitchen. I liked the pizza oven. DH liked the mix-match trendy chairs that decorated large tables–a nod to the fact that this restaurant is well designed for groups.

Immediately impressed by the decor and ambiance, I was bummed when we met our waiter. I don’t know what was going on in his personal life, but he was in a bad mood and his shitty attitude in some ways spoiled the dinner.

Who wants to get dressed up, go to an expensive meal with an uninvited guest with a bad attitude?

I ordered a glass of wine. The waiter brought a bottle. I reminded him I only needed the glass. I asked him to take the bottle away. DH asked him to take the bottle away.

He left the bottle.

Finally, DH asked the junior waiter to remove it. There’s nothing like going to a restaurant and being told what you want. Now, it should be noted that in DF, many restaurants do leave the bottle or bring it to you. But it generally doesn’t create a standoff situation.

Regardless, we ordered the onion and blue cheese pizza. It was awesome.

We also ordered the tuna and guacamole. It was absolutely amazing.

Best tuna in DF.

All three of us ate every bit.
20130106-192020.jpgWe had eaten a gigantic lunch at home so we weren’t starving. Oddly, none of the tables around us even ordered food.

Very curious.

The boys ordered two types of rice. Similar in many ways to a paella, it was cooked and served in cast iron skillets.

20130106-192504.jpg Both rice dishes were great.

The only thing we picked at was the Pan Tomate. A house specialty, the boy and I didn’t like it. DH preferred the rice and pizza.

20130106-193506.jpgAs we dined, DH informed me that Bar Tomate is the new place to be seen on the scene. The restaurant and decor came from a Spanish restaurant group, apparently. All things Spanish are popular here, so the hype and the crowd were no surprise to me.

I’d return to the restaurant with friends. I think the set up would work well for a group. There’s a sito nearby and valet parking too. Although expensive, I could see grabbing a lite bite there and going to a more fun place afterwards.

In general, my experience here has been the more expensive something is, the worse the service is. In that area, Bar Tomate did not disappoint.

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