@Delta: Thank you for participating in the TSA Pre√ Program!! Pre-Screen Me, Please!

If there’s one thing I don’t enjoy, it’s traveling with DH. When it comes to packing, checking in and getting to the gate, he is a real pain in the ass.

He’s a Type A personality, and I am not.

Yesterday, when we started packing up, it became very clear, very quickly that we had 4 extra suitcases of stuff.

Amazing, but true.

Because we won’t be back in the States for quite some time, we stocked up on wine, Kosher salt, Keurig capsules: all of the essentials.

We should be able to survive until March.

As the car got packed, it became evident that we would need both my father-in-law and my mother-in-law to drive us to the airport. We had too much luggage for all of us to travel comfortably in one car.

We checked in and only one suitcase was too heavy. We made our baggage requirement (sneaking Ranger’s agility kit on as a bag).

DH relaxed a bit once all of the baggage was safely checked in.

Seconds later in the security line, I saw his shoulders tense up when the TSA agent scanned my passport and informed me that I needed to go to a separate line. She ushered off myself and the child. I could see the look of, “what-has-she-done-now” on his face.

Undaunted, I waved and took off.

It turns out that I hadn’t done anything wrong, and in fact had gotten very lucky! Somehow or another I had been selected for the TSA Pre√ program.

According to the very kind TSA agent, at some point I had opted into the program. I don’t remember doing this, and was completely unfamiliar with it. Apparently TSA created the TSA Pre√ program to acknowledge that not all travelers pose the same level of risk. The program was established in about seven airports for about 3000,000 travelers in an effort to move away from a one size fits all approach, to a more risk-based system.

TSA is hoping this works and creates an improved airport experience for travelers. I know this because after clearing so fast and so easily, I asked (interviewed) the TSA agent and she explained the program. She also told me they don’t pick you every time, and many people get mad when they are not selected.

We zipped through security–shoes on, jackets on, winter coats off, laptops still in purses and backpacks–in seconds. It was altogether pleasant and enjoyable. I immediately understood the addiction to getting pulled.

Because DH was taking forever I had plenty of time to learn about the program, which I found fascinating. The agent also told me that the TSA Pre√ program isn’t available to international travelers (we stopped in Atlanta so I qualified) and you are only allowed to go through after the government checks you out–which I found a little scary. But with nothing to hide, I was a grateful recipient of the convenience it offered. If you have children under the age of 12 traveling with you, they can come along.

With only Delta, United, US Air, Alaska and American Airlines passengers eligible, I was thrilled that my loyalty to Delta has contributed to pay off in ways large and small (shouts out to Richard Anderson, once again!!!)

The only bummer was that while I attempted to scan the QR code to tell the TSA how much I liked their program, it didn’t seem to work!!

TSA, if you’re listening: I love you and theTSA Pre√ program too.

Please pick me again!!!!

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One Response to @Delta: Thank you for participating in the TSA Pre√ Program!! Pre-Screen Me, Please!

  1. Meredith Tutterow says:

    TSA PreCheck = best thing ever! In my experience, they don’t often proactively pull you out of line to participate–you should seek out the special lines. in MSP, the PreCheck line is somewhat hidden in the Sky Medallion check-in section. Even when you aren’t selected for that trip (hasn’t happened to me yet but happened to Sam once), you get to go to the front of the Elite security line, so it’s a win either way. Bobby can go through with you, as well!

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