Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner: @mcclurespickles

As an expat, there are more than a few things that I love and miss in the food department. The things we like to eat are difficult to find and expensive to purchase if and when they’re located. I purchased some private label graham crackers for $11 in Mexico City. I hated to spend so much money on them, but I had to buy them because I needed them for s’mores.

They weren’t even Honey Maid and they were very expensive.

Needless to say, Honey Maid graham crackers, Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup, and McClure’s pickles are on the short list of favorite, hard-to-find foods.

McClure’s pickles come in two types: garlic and spicy.

I love spicy food. If it makes me sweat or cry, then I’m there. So the first time I had a McClure’s spicy pickle, I was in love.

These pickles are made in Detroit and Brooklyn. They’re crunchy and delicious, and made by two brothers who loved pickles and used to can pickles with their dad. The pickles aren’t just yummy, they’re versatile too: their brine can be repurposed for a Bloody Mary or a marinade.

Back in the US, I would drive from Williams-Sonoma to Williams-Sonoma in the greater Minneapolis area in search of my beloved pickles. When I found them I would purchase and hoard jars and jars of them and eat pickles for dinner.

Shameful but true.

My mother-in-law brought a few jars for us to eat while we are home.

Everytime I open the fridge I smile.

It’s silly, but it’s nice to open the fridge and see one of my favorite foods in the right there. It’s a surprise and it’s one of the small, but special things about being home that I really appreciate.

If you see a jar, grab it and let me know what you think!!

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