Visiting Detroit: My First Visit to Ford Field! Watching the @DetroitLionsNFL Game @HuffPostDetroit

I love football!

Love. Love. Love.

It’s amazing to me that I watch football all of the time, have been to Minnesota Vikings football games, and yet, have somehow never seen the Detroit Lions play.

Go figure.

So, DH and I decided that we would buy tickets and go to the Lions game tonight. My in-laws have season tickets so we rode to the game with them, ate dinner together and then watched the game from our respective seats.
20121223-010847.jpgBeing at home and attending the game reminded me why I love Detroit.

The first thing we saw was a grown man who had his face painted like a Lion. I asked him: “You did this to yourself even though the team sucks right now?”

His reply was very Detroit: “Of course. Just because they’re not winning right now doesn’t make them losers.”

20121223-011513.jpgFord Field is a lovely indooor, downtown football stadium. At 10 years old, it’s very well maintained. Last night it was decorated for Christmas with a gigantic Christmas tree that was blue, white and silver: the team colors.

Goodwill sponsored a Santa and for a donation you could have your photo taken with Santa. My mother-in-law, who is exponentially more fun than her son (DH) was game. We marched up to the box, made our donation and got our picture taken!
20121223-012419.jpgAfter DH parked the car, he was willing to get a picture taken with Santa too!
20121223-012550.jpgAfter we saw Santa, it was Bacardi Bloody Mary time! We went over to the Bloody Mary bar where DH ordered a spicy drink! We liked the plastic Mason jar container too.
20121223-012712.jpgThe service was great and the bar was well staffed, making the line move quickly: exactly what you want when you are in line for a pre-game drink.

20121223-103220.jpgWe had great seats–8th row from the field in the end-zone.
I was excited to wear my new Lions hat and t-shirt–and am now able to suit up on game day when I watch the Lions on TV in Mexico!!!

20121223-181425.jpgMy favorite part of the game was the fans. They were incredible. They were loud, but they weren’t rude. And despite the fact that their team was playing poorly, they continued to cheer passionately and positively for them. I was amazed. The Lions are lucky to have such supportive, committed people in their corner. While it helped that Calvin Johnson, their best player, broke an NFL record during the game, the fans cheered passionately for the entire team, not just the star. People from Detroit root for the underdog and have a stick-to-it-to-the-end attitude and I love it!!

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