@JCREW: A Long Distance Love Affair With Renee from Briarwood

What Do You Mean It's Not Here?

What Do You Mean It’s Not Here?

There’s one really big perk that my State Department friends have that I covet: free shipping.

Shipping anything to Mexico is prohibitively expensive.  

Before we showed up, BC offered free shipping to its expats. As of our assignment, the rules changed and BC no longer offers mail service. Instead, we wait until someone comes to visit and have them bring things to us, or save our miles and pack an extra suitcase.  Although it took a little pre-planning, I ended up doing my Christmas shopping months ago. For the last 8 weeks, I have sent box after box to my mom and dad’s house.

Their home looks like a warehouse.

Arriving my mom and dad’s house today was awesome. While it was great to see them, it was even better to have a mini Christmas celebration in their basement. It turns out, I got exactly what I wanted.

In case you care, I got a new punch bowl, some espresso mugs, and a wonderful tote for my gym clothes.

Eat Cake For Breakfast

Eat Cake For Breakfast

After having quite possibly the best Christmas ever, I started looking for the gifts I had purchased for other people. My Christmas cards and everything that I had ordered for my parents, brothers, and the boy were there.

We looked everywhere, but there was nothing for DH.


I checked my computer history. Indeed, I had bought his gifts on December 3rd. When he was out of town. Out of my hair. Weeks ago. They were having an amazing sale. I looked in my email for the confirmation.


I called J. Crew’s customer service number: no record of my purchase. I had gotten the best gifts ever and was so smug about it. I had gotten it on sale. And now, I actually had nothing. I felt horrible.

I called J. Crew at the mall by my house.

Thank you God, Renee answered the phone.

I explained to her that I had screwed up Christmas by accident.

Renee was the complete opposite of any salesperson I have encountered in the last five months: she was funny, smart, helpful and efficient. She fixed my Christmas foul up and got me exactly what I was missing at an even better price. She  had one of the items in store. She boxed the gift and allowed me to pay for it over the phone. What she didn’t have in store, she placed a phone order for. Free, expedited shipping.

In one phone call she undid all of the damage I had done. Christmas fixed.

God, thank you for Renee at the Briarwood mall.

Lesson learned when executing a long distance Christmas: make a list and check it twice!

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