Supporting Small Business At The American School Holiday Bazaar!

One of my favorite things about visiting fairs, festivals and mercados is the exposure it provides to different products and businesses.

I love discovering, promoting and supporting small businesses.

Many of the businesses I encounter at these smaller venues are family owned, women owned, or co-ops that produce products in smaller towns or villages and empower the women to support themselves and their communities. I love the quality and creativity that comes from products that are not mass produced.

Last week, I visited the American School Foundation’s annual Holiday Bazaar. I discovered a few new vendors and wanted to share them with you. I’ve included their contact information below, in case you’re looking for some great last minute gift ideas!

Delicious Candy: Karen’s Buttery English Toffee


Phone: 04455 1473 9291 or 5510102420

Price Point: Low. Affordable present.

Comments: Karen’s buttery toffee is a delicious present. I was impressed by the beautiful pink and brown packaging. The box is sturdy and would be great for gift giving without any additional packaging. The boxes of toffee come in two sizes and are affordably priced. Regular and pretzel toffee were on display. I loved the pretzel toffee. Would be a great teacher or hostess present!


Unique Mexican Handbags: Hijas del Maiz


Phone: 55 2690 0421

Price Point: High. Expensive.

Comments: Owned by a woman named Lizzy, Hijas del Maiz is a project whose purpose is to help women support their families through high quality craftmanship.

The owner, Lizzy, has a full-time job and is employed at one of the large newspapers in town. All of the products are handmade. Lizzy had some bags made of 100% cork–which were cool, and retailed for about $85 USD. She also had beautiful leather bags that featured elaborate hand stitched designs. I snapped some photos of the small cluthches so you can see them. The designs are on one side and the other side is a soft, beautiful suede.


Green Present:The Grrreen Monster


Phone: 55850674

Price Point: Moderate.

Comments: I loved the products at Grrrreen Monster. All of the products are made of 100% recylced materials and are 100% handmade in Mexico. They’re made from recycled materials, sourced from PET.

The woman managing the booth, Paulina, was also the owner of the business. I was impressed by the quality of her goods and her passionate committment to running and owning a green company. According to Paulina, Grrrreen Monster employs women who are incarcerated, and also leverages women with factory skills to manufacture her products. Her dolls, bags and hats were well made, reasonably priced and  would be wonderful presents for yourself or someone on your list!


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