@ThePinkBoxMX: I Have Found The Best Cupcake Store In DF!

For the last five months, I have been on the search for the perfect cupcake. It’s been a modern day Goldilocks: some cupcakes were too hard, others were too crumbly. With the exception of the Cupcake Project, there wasn’t anything that was really acceptable on the DF cupcake market.

Then my friend and I walked to The Pink Box as we were running errands.

I am pleased to report, we found the perfect cupcake in DF!
The Pink Box is located in the very hip and trendy section of Prado Norte. It’s a bright pink storefront with a beautiful large glass window. From the street you can see carefully and cheerfully curated baked goods. When you walk in the store there’s a fun, modern porch swing in the middle of the store.

The merchandising reminds me a lot of Sprinkles in LA: minimalist, clean and well lit. You can’t miss the location. It’s located at 365 Lomas de Chapultepec–on the main shopping avenue, near Starbucks.
20121206-220605.jpgFirst the bad news: They don’t bake the cupcakes on site. They’re brought to the store. Readers of this feature know that I am a stickler for on-site baking. Bummer that there is no oven in the store and baking is done elsewhere.

The good news: The cupcakes were wonderful. They were moist. They were flavorful. The icing was perfect.

In addition to having excellent tasting cupcakes, The Pink Box also had a wonderful variety: they had large cupcakes, bite-sized cupcakes, and seasonal flavors! The store associate was help and friendly. She carefully described each cupcake and patiently reminded us which was which.
I decided to sample two mini cupcakes: the chocolate mint (incredible) and the apple-cinnamon! Both were outstanding!

I was also impressed by the very creative cake offerings.

There was one cake that looked like flowers in a terra cotta pot.
There were some other beautifully (and simply decorated) holiday cakes!
20121206-222613.jpgAnd a few that were more elaborate.20121206-222958.jpg
The Pink Box Summary:Though these cupcakes are not baked on-site, they are definitely the best tasting cupcakes I’ve eaten in DF.
20121206-224232.jpgThe merchandising was well executed–a minimalist whimsy, of sorts.

The cupcakes did not disappoint: they were beautiful, tasty and creative in their flavoring. They’re weren’t outrageous in price, and had great packaging. They’d make a wonderful hostess present.

The verdict? Give them a try and see if you agree!


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