Sew Bazaar: @Mundomongomx Shopping To Support A Good Cause

20121201-132652.jpgToday, a few of my friends and I went to the annual Christmas Bazzar at Christ Church. The fair was a nice mix of artesians with jewelry, arts and crafts, and clothing.

There were many great vendors at the fair, but one booth really caught my eye: a table filled with beautifully sewn folk art animals, pillows and blankets. The booth represented a larger store called Mongo. Located in the artesian community of San Angel, the store is a collective created to promote the cultural heritage of various artistic communities in Mexico. The design has been modernized a bit to appeal to the tastes of trendy people (ahem!) and the works are all made by hand in Mexico. Proceeds from sales of crafts are given to the communities to support them.

20121201-134430.jpgI have always loved, loved, loved folk art. In our home, we have a small but nice collection of Southern American folk art. Since moving to Mexico, DH and I have been committed to purchasing more art, and products that are made in by Mexican artisans, when possible.

The folk art craft of making small animals from wool and other naturally dyed materials and sewing them together with brightly colored thread is very appealing to me. I just love it! I am also impressed that Mongo os a store dedicated to promoting and preserving traditional crafts. it’s one part anthropology, one part preservation.

20121201-141922.jpgToday, I bought a present for one of my friends in the States who loves folk art too–and a brightly colored pink and purple monkey for our sofa. Over time, I’m hoping to add a collection of pillows and other goods to our sofa. We never sit on that sofa, so I’ve decided to decorate it with Mexican handicrafts. This will be a great way for me to add to our collection without junking up the house!

I promise to update you when I go to San Angel and visit the Mongo store!!

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