Dog Friendly Dining in DF: Eno Petrarca

When one of the top 50 chefs in the world opens a dog friendly annex that bakes fresh bread and seats only 40 people you can count on two things: long lines and great food.
Enrique Olvera, chef at Pujol, has created a great cafe in Eno. The menu has traditional breakfast favorites like croissants (plain and chocolate), banana bread, French toast, chilaquiles, and Mexican eggs to name a few. There are also a great variety of soups, salads, mezcals and agua frescas on the menu.

The upside: The food is great. It’s freshly prepared comfort food. And most amazingly, it’s assembled in a small closet sized space.

The downside: This tiny restaurant only seats 40. To that end, the wait to eat is quite long. And since every table sits next to the aisle and windows, impatient patrons who want your seat are known to cruise past, stop at your table and peer at your food (or worse–watch you eat).

While I love the breakfast at Eno, having people pressure me for a table is not a relaxing, and only on mornings when I have a lot of patience can I bring myself to eat there.
20121125-214805.jpgI love that such an amazing restaurant is dog friendly. And I really like the baked goods. They’re well executed. Beyond that, the service is excellent.

Like many restaurants in DF, Eno has delivery. I’m thinking about giving the delivery a try–it might be the perfect solution: the breakfast I enjoy without all of the pressure from other patrons that I don’t.

My other caution: only well behaved dogs should dine at Eno. Due to the small space, it is not cool to bring aggressive, loud, barking dogs to the restaurant. All seating is inside and unlike other dog friendly restaurant that have patios, in such a small space it’s not fair to the other patrons.

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