Dog Friendly Dining in DF: @Yogurtlandinc

Sometimes, dinner is overrated. On days like that, you just need to hustle hard and eat dessert instead. Skip dinner.

On Avenida Presidente Maseryk there’s a section of the street that has a California Pizza Kitchen and a Yogurtland. I wasn’t familiar with Yogurtland before I moved to Mexico. It’s a bright, clean, self-service frozen yogurt chain.20121118-215020.jpgDH likes the chain because the yogurt has active cultures. The child likes it because it’s self-service (“I can do it!), and the maid likes it because there are a million choices and she can customize! My mom was impressed by the variety of yogurt options for such a small little store when she came to visit.<img src="" alt="20121118-210401.jpg" class="alignnone size-full" I have a different reason for visiting Yogurtland, and it has nothing to with anything food related: I love their spoons!20121118-212022.jpgYogurtland has Sanrio spoons.

Yes I am North of 30, and I still like Hello Kitty. If you’ve been to Yogurtland then you can testify, those little spoons are so darn cute. When it comes time to check out, I become a little crazy: I make everyone in the family pick a different spoon give me their spoon once they’re done eating.

Check your Yogurtland for promotions. Mine has two for the price of one deals on Thursdays!20121118-214741.jpgThe Yogurtland on Presidente Masaryk has outdoor tables–with space heaters.
There’s plenty of room for you and your dog to sit outside. The patio is large and it’s dog friendly.

20121119-174817.jpgBuen provecho!

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