Dog Friendly Dining in DF: Le Pain Quotidien in Polanquito @le_pain_q_mx

20121118-145646.jpgLocated in Polanquito, this bakery/bistro is the place to be seen. On the corner of the trendiest street in town, it’s a dog friendly dining establishment.
20121119-094719.jpgThis review is part of a broader project for me: I’m going to start chronicling dog friendly restaurants.

We just got a new puppy, and in these next few months our primary goal will be to properly socialize him.

Transitioning from life in the home of a dog breeder, a home that had 14 dogs and two people, to life in DF, living in an apartment with four people and no other dogs has required effort on everyone’s part. He’s had to learn to trust us in traffic and to walk in the park on a leash. We’ve had to learn to play fetch, chase him and take long morning runs through the city with a running, jumping, springing puppy.
20121118-151419.jpgIn order to help him adjust to life in the city, I’m going to start taking him to restaurants with me.

It will be good for him to be exposed to other people, dogs and situations. DF is a very dog friendly city, but I am not always sure where I can take him. Informally, I’ve started a list in the notes section of my iPhone. Gradually, over the next few months, I’m going to populate this blog, FourSquare and Foodspotting with lists for other DF dog lovers. Unlike my beloved Trooper, this dog is a firecracker. A little more Marley and Me. Dining out with him will be an adventure–living with him certainly is!

About Le Pain Quotidien

Dogs. Babies. Street musicians. People selling plants. People selling anything. This bistro is a true street cafe, mixing the vibe of a busy street in a crowded, trendy neighborhood with wonderful, fresh baked goods. Small but serviceable, this is a great place to bring your kids for croissants or meet your girlfriends for coffee.

20121118-160525.jpgOur family has enjoyed tasty favorites like French toast, waffles and omelets. Chocolate croissants and scones are worth the carbs too!

20121118-160742.jpgIn DF, I’ve found that not all brunches serve mimosas, something I’ve come to enjoy on Sunday morning–right along with the New York Times. On more than one occasion, I’ve received a disapproving glare from a waiter who wondered why I might need champagne for breakfast. Rest assured, while dining at Le Pain Quotidien you can enjoy a mimosa. There’s always a wait, but it’s worth it. And lucky for you, a newsstand is perched near the door, so you can purchase English language copies of Time magazine to read while you enjoy breakfast.

Dogs welcome on the patio.

Valet parking available.

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