@ElBuenFin: A Good Weekend To Shop Till U Drop!

This weekend is a federally encouraged shopping holiday.

Shut Up!

Earlier this week it seemed like every store had Christmas decorations and red, white and black signs that read, “Buen Fin” or “The Good Weekend“.

To my absolute delight, many signs also read, “the cheapest weekend of the year.”

In a country where things are very expensive, and nothing ever goes on sale, I was thrilled to discover that this is officially the cheapest weekend of the year.

Every store in town has beautiful Christmas trees on display–the stage is being set for holiday shopping. I had already decided I really didn’t need anything when I was in the grocery store looking for some yellow cake mix (apparently they don’t have it here). As I came down the aisle I saw the largest displays of alcohol I have ever seen.

I feel for the poor stock boy!

Apparently, everything in Mexico is on sale right now. Spirits included.

Shut Up!

Now it’s not that I am a heavy drinker, but we’re having a Thanksgiving party for 50 people on Friday, at our apartment. So, discounted booze is very attractive at the moment. And discounted booze that is merchandised like Clinique Bonus time is even more appealing.

I couldn’t leave this Bacardi Rum at Costco. It was only $8 USD!

Or this Chilean wine at Superama…it came with a free glass…

But by far, the best score of all….one and a half bottles of Don Julio on sale!

20121117-203032.jpgI only had time to go to the grocery store today–but I was impressed by the Buen Fin concept, promotion and execution. A fully integrated campaign, it has a Facebook page, Twitter account (with more than 36,000 followers) and a web site. Created last year as a way to stimulate the economy, it seems to be an immediate success. Retailers have designed custom signage, promotions and commercials to support the effort. And most impressive: last year, the campaign delivered strong results.

According to the Mexipreneur website, “As a result of the holiday retail plan, BBVA Bancomer reported that credit card purchases grew 65% compared to the previous year’s results. The plan to impulse retail sales paid off, as retail sales surged 25-30% over the 4 day weekend. One of the side effects of the plan was also the ability to save jobs – it is estimated that 50,000 of the seasonal jobs were saved this season because of El Buen Fin.”

If Mexico’s version of Black Friday can stimulate its economy, save jobs and provide pre-holiday discounts it really will be a happy ending!!

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2 Responses to @ElBuenFin: A Good Weekend To Shop Till U Drop!

  1. JBS says:

    No white hennessy on sale? 😉

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