@frontgate: I Admit It. I Shop @SkyMall

20121026-210537.jpgWhen you board an airplane four things are usually waiting for you: emergency information, an in-flight magazine, sometimes a barf bag, and always sin exception as they say in Spanish, a SkyMall catalogue.

When I used to work in Corporate America, I used to fly all of the time. Roughly twice a week. And, as the miles added up, I would find myself thumbing through the SkyMall catalogue from time to time. Santa ordered a few Harry Potter wands, and they exceeded expectations (and added some miles to the old World Perks account too), but, there was one thing I always coveted and yet never needed: the EZ Bed from Frontgate.

20121026-211702.jpgFrontgate bills itself as a luxury home goods store, but they sell things that you absolutely do not need and yet find yourself thinking, “Is my house dirty? Do we need an 18-piece Commercial-quality Aluminum Telescoping Duster Kit?”

As we prepared to move to Mexico, visitors, guests and their families seemed like realistic possibilities. We have had several on-the-floor air mattresses, but it seemed like it was time to graduate to something proper and cool. If someone was coming to Mexico to visit, I really did not want them or their kids to sleep on the floor.

20121027-075655.jpgI purchased the bed and it was delivered to our front door.

God, it was heavy.

I tried to convince DH to take it with him when he left to use as a temporary bed until our furniture arrived. “Look! I implored. In the SkyMall catalogue you can roll it like a suitcase!”

No dice.

The beloved bed sat in our garage until the movers came.

This weekend happens to be the boy’s birthday weekend. He’s having a friend spend the night. I couldn’t be more excited. Why? Not because it’s the boy’s birthday. But, because I finally have a reason to whip out that E Z bed and use it!!! Hooray!

We went to our storage bin to retrieve the bed. I swear it was like Christmas. I was so excited to open the bed that I did not properly open it. As it started to unfold, we realized that the suitcase we had it in was not properly unzipped! The poor bed looked like Mr. Staypuff from Ghostbusters…

We properly unzipped the bed and were super excited with the results. Within minutes, we had a comfy, fully inflated queen bed. It was sturdy and solid. Although DH was crabby about the price (he doesn’t even like free things so ignore him), I have to say that I love the sturdiness of the bed and its portability. It zips quite nicely and stores compactly. I highly recommend the EZ bed–and am thinking about buying the special EZ bed sheets next time I need some miles!!!

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2 Responses to @frontgate: I Admit It. I Shop @SkyMall

  1. Sarah K. Hays says:

    we’re happy to test it out when we visit you this spring!

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