@DeltaAssist: Saving the Day Before 6 AM!

That was a trip!

I really had a lot of fun tooting around Houston and meeting Oprah. If there any downside at all, it was the hotel. The room was wrong, we shared a bed the first night, the room was dirty, and on and on it went. It was a Preferred brand property, so none of that should have happened. So, it should have been no surprise that the cab the hotel called for me was a complete disaster.

The hotel ordered a cab. The driver showed up with her daughter. Then, en route to the airport, we ran out of gas. When we did arrive at the airport, after I got inside the door, I learned that they took me to the wrong door (which was a nightmare given all of my luggage). When I finally got to the Delta gate, one miserable train ride later I learned that the cab driver had delivered me to the WRONG airport.


Shut up! It was 4AM!

Thank God for the angel of a woman who took over, charged me $150 and let me and all of my bags on the plane for free. Lord. My complicated relationship with Delta continues–and today I am really thankful for the kindness and willingness to help me in the middle of the morning.

I wasn’t where I was supposed to be, but I got where I needed to go. Thank goodness for kind people, dedicated to doing their job right when it matters!! I wish I would have gotten the gate agent’s name to thank her.

In the interim, I’m on the way home with the boy’s birthday presents and a suitcase full of cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie mix!

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