Good News! He Has Good Manners!


The really great thing about being a parent, is seeing who your child is when you are nowhere to be seen.

In my case, on Friday, I asked, “how was school today?” Usually, my child says, “fine” and just walks away. However, on Friday he was very animated.

“I have big news for you, mommy,” he said. “I have good manners!”

Immediately, I was a little worried.

Usually the child has great manners. Where did this come from? Were his manners suddenly bad? Why was it taking so long for his manners to be recognized? He’d been in school for almost two months….And besides, as much as that school costs I wanted to hear about his grades not his behavior.

Sensing that I was not impressed, the boy explained.

“Each week the teacher selects one person who has displayed good manners and citizenship. That person gets awarded the trophy and they get to take it home. Their family (ahem!) is supposed to put it on prominent display in their home for one week. I have it in my backpack.”

Sensing that I did not respond accordingly, I emailed DH. Thank goodness for him. When he saw the boy he mentioned the award, asked him to let me photograph the award and asked the child to determine the “prominent location” (next to the video game area of course).

What did parents do before they could email each other for backup?

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