Primero Amiga. Primero Invitado.

I am so excited to report that we have opened our flat to our very first guest: my best friend, JBS!

It is her first trip to Mexico City.

So far so good.

She is pleasantly surprised by the city’s size and it’s ability to manage the population. Her first impression: DF doesn’t feel super crowded. And, she definitely notices the different time continuum this culture operates on: much later here than in the US.

We were super excited to pick her up from the airport. We hired Adrian, one of our part time drivers, and he helped us get her luggage into the car. Then, we sped off to Coyoacan. We wanted to start her visit off with a visit to our favorite quaint puebla. Coyoacan is a wonderfully small, authentic Mexican town. It’s nearby and it was all decked out in honor of the holiday. In advance of the holiday all of the streets were closed so we headed off to the town square on foot. We got a table at a restaurant we like, and ordered a little of everything.

Chicharron soup




and Chiles en nogada con pescado:


<a href="

Of course, we also had to make sure she experienced Mezcal!


The restaurant had a special red, white and green mezcal in honor of the holiday!


And, of course, the traditional anjeo–that you can only have a baby sip of!


We had a great time together, and it was a great start to a great visit!

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