Liverpool: Building A Birthday List in Paradise!

20120906-185417.jpgI live exactly three very short blocks from Liverpool department store.

Liverpool is pretty much the Mexican version of the Marshall Field’s on State Street in Chicago, except that the women who work there wear smart purple business suits and every employee has fancy purple and orange business cards.

I could live there.

And, I go there everyday, because I wish I did!

The boy has a birthday coming up, so I convinced him to come with me to the second floor of Liverpool (no small task because he hates leaving the house) and visit the second floor of Liverpool to build his list.

Begrudgingly, he agreed.

And then we got off the elevator.

In the middle of the toy department, Liverpool has a gigantic, working carousel.

And surrounding the carousel are toys. Toys of every kind. When you exit the elevator, you are greeted by the most robust Barbie section I have ever seen. It rivals the Barbie store.

Barbie has outstanding merchandising in Liverpool. Her displays communicate her status as a very-busy-blonde-about-town. At the moment, she is running for President, a top shopper at Liverpool, opening a hair salon and ready for the beach. That isn’t an accurate count of all of the Barbies in the toy department. Just the end cap displays that are in gigantic pink shelves shaped like five foot bottles of pink nail polish.


There are also separate in-store clothing boutiques for both Barbie and Hello Kitty.

Separate sections also include a Ben 10 section, a LEGO section, NERF area, outdoor toys, dolls, active toys and of course, riding toys and video games! It is huge!!

After building a very robust birthday list we went downstairs to the recently renovated cafe. The cafe is splendid. One section of it has a Krispy Kreme donuts, with it’s own separate entrance.
Another area has a four foot tall chocolate fountain. The chocolate fountain is on continuously, and workers dip fresh fruit in it for you. There are also multiple branded truffle stations, candy cases and displays selling everything from chocolate to chocolate covered cookies.
Then we moved on to the most recently renovated section of the store: the deli. Of course, it’s no ordinary deli. It’s a deli that features fresh salads, cheeses, jars of jams, japanese sodas, and of course, wines and spirits. After several hours of birthday shopping, DH and I were quite tired. We spied the Moët and Chandon area of the deli and sat down. There, between rows of wines and champagnes was a Moët mini bar. I walked up and ordered two glasses of champagne.


Later, I was running into Liverpool and managed to meet one of the restaurant’s sommelier’s. One? I was stunned. I have never been to a department store with its own series of sommeliers!

The sommelier was very friendly and explained that he was actually not with my Liverpool, but was brought in to train Caroline,our sommelier and make sure the opening was solid. After that was cleared up (and I closed my jaw) he took me into the private reserve area of the store, showed me around and introduced me to another sommelier. Then, we went to the wine machine, he put in a card and we had some delicious Mexican wine.


Weeks earlier, we purchased a sofa from Liverpool. The service was awesome. They were prompt, professional and the sofa looks just like something I would buy at Room and Board at home.

All in all, I have to say–what a treat to live so close to such an awesome department store. I can hardly wait ’till Christmas!

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