Ruta Del Cupcakes Review: Cupcakes By Tom!

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There’s a certain amount of mayhem involved while researching 11 distinct cupcake shops. If you’ve been following along, then you know that I recently followed my first list on Foursquare  and have been diligently reviewing 11 cupcake boutiques in hopes of finding the best cupcake in Mexico City.

Today, the boy asked me, “mommy, do we like cupcakes this much or are we just trying to prove something?” Obviously, the boy has never had PMS, because if so, he wouldn’t asked!

In any case, our day brought us to an area of our neighborhood that we’d never explored before. My cupcake radar was bleeping, so I whipped out Foursquare to see if a cupcake store was nearby. Turns out, we were a few blocks away from Cupcakes By Tom!

Ring bell for service

Cupcakes By Tom is located on a hip and trendy little street n Polanco. According to user commentary on Foursquare, Tom’s has the best red velvet cupcake in town. Unfortunately, we’re not red velvet folks-so we ordered yellow cake with chocolate icing and chocolate cake with yellow icing. Basic, I know, but comparable to our other selections.

Our Summary:

Cupcakes By Tom Location: Conveniently located. Tom’s is located right off of Masaryk, (a main street in Polanco). It is almost directly across the street from one of the top restaurants in town, Restaurante Dulce Patria, a restaurant I am familiar with because my favorite lady, Martha Stewart, talked about the restaurant on visit to DF! Tom’s also has two other locations–one in Puebla, a picturesque town and another in Condesa, another trendy Mexico City neighborhood.

Because I have been nothing short of critical of off-site baking, the first thing I did upon entering the very small store was ask where the oven was. The woman at the counter showed me the oven and then informed me that the cupcakes were baked fresh every morning at 6 am– but that like all good cupcakes, they needed to properly cool before they could be iced–so yes, they were both baked and decorated in house, often by Tom himself! There’s more than one store, and apparently, the one I visited was the smaller location, so Tom doesn’t always bake at that one.

Hello, Tom! Owner and baker!

The case displays many, many choices

Cupcakes By Tom Packaging: The cupcakes were packaged in a small plastic carrier. No special packaging. Would need to dress up for gifting. I should note that we purchased four cupcakes. I saw better packaging when I visited the Facebook page. Possibly reserved for larger orders.

Cupcakes By Tom Summary: The cupcakes at Cupcakes By Tom tasted like they had been made from scratch So did the icing. Fresh ingredients. Freshly baked. The woman working the counter was great. She was a cupcake chatterbox. She seemed enthusiastic about cupcakes–the process, business and her boss, Tom.The store features daily specials and is also willing to produce large orders with notice.

The cupcakes, I am happy to report were tasty. You could tell the icing was made from scratch and the cupcakes were a dense type cake. I liked them and would consider them my second favorite so far. They weren’t like brownies and they weren’t crumbs. I also was impressed by the broad variety of cupcakes given the small-ish oven and the commitment to in-house baking.

Would recommend Tom’s.


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