Review: Harry’s Restaurant –So Nice I Did It Twice!

Kobe beef burger!

Friday night is date night at our casa. Manuela doesn’t leave until Saturday morning (the traffic is much better for her) so DH and I have been taking advantage of this and visiting a different restaurant every week. A few weeks ago, DH and I went to Harry’s, the new hot spot steakhouse in Polanco.

The food is great and the service is even better.

Sometimes you just want to go to a restaurant where the staff waits on you hand and foot.

I remember eating at a restaurant in Hawaii where every time you took a sip of water at least one person would refill your glass. Harry’s reminded me of that restaurant: excellent, obsessive service.

When DH and I ate at Harry’s we enjoyed the scallops as an appetizer. They arrived on a bed of perfectly mashed potatoes. The potatoes were an unexpected surprise. Either I didn’t read the menu, or I was pleasantly surprised. Not sure. But I loved those potatoes. They were perfectly whipped and reminded me of Thanksgiving potatoes. While the food was wonderful and the service was outstanding, the lighting was terrible. Don’t these people know I want to Foodspot? It should also noted that DH ate all of the scallops andI ate all of the potatoes. He reports that the scallops were delicious.

DH was seated right next to the fancy cart that houses all of the premium spirits. After sitting next to the cart for 10-15 minutes, he summoned the waiter, who summoned the manager, and together they reviewed the spirit selection and selected a Mezcal to accompany DH’s dinner. After much discussion, they ended up with the Los Danzantes Mezcal–and DH seemed quite pleased.

For dinner, I ordered the Lobster Pozole. I have been loving pozole–and because DH is allergic to shellfish, it seemed like a perfect idea. It was delicious. I loved the presentation. First, a lobster tail was delivered. The tail sat in a bowl of pozole and was steaming hot. Then, a second gentleman brought over all of the accoutrements: lettuce, white onions, green onions, chips, the works!!! Then, a third (yes, it took three people to deliver one bowl of soup) gentleman can to the table and removed all lobster from the tail.


When I returned, to the restaurant a few weeks later with the boy, I ordered it again. Who doesn’t like three men fussing over their soup? It was just as delicious the second time!

Last Saturday, I wanted to do something special for the boy. He’s been such a trooper: changing schools, babysitting me. You name it and he has done it. So, I made reservations at Harry’s and planned to take him on a little date since his dad was out of town.

We ordered the calamari as an appetizer. We both thought it was fine, nothing special. Of everything I ate at Harry’s it was definitely the least remarkable.

When it came time to order, I assumed that he would order the house-made hotdog. He’s been on a hot dog binge since we’ve been here. He surprised me however, and ordered the Kobe beef hamburger. When the hamburger came to the table we were both surprised: it was as big as two of his hands! He then surprised me and ate almost all of it. An amazing feat considering the size of the burger. I of course, ordered the lobster pozole again.Partly because it was delicious and partly because I liked the presentation (attention).

When it came time for dessert, we were stuffed.

I neglected to tell the boy that when you’re finished eating, the kitchen delivers a two-and-a-half foot high tower of cotton candy to the table. When the waiter arrived with the gigantic spool of cotton candy, his eyes just lit up. He told me he was going to, “dig deep in his stomach to eat just a little cotton candy.” He did.

We ended up taking the majority of the cotton candy home.

We left the restaurant with a smile on our faces. We loved the service, the food, and the special gift from the kitchen to close the show. It was the perfect date.

The perfect date ended with two feet of cotton candy!

A few other comments:

(1) There are plenty of English speaking staff on hand at the restaurant, if this is a concern for you.

(2) The restaurant has menus in English and in Spanish.

(3) You can make reservations quickly and easily on Open Table (and earn dining points in the process).

(4) Be careful ordering a cab. I have not eaten too many late night meals in DF so I received an unpleasant surprise when it came time to pay the cab fare on the way home. At Harry’s restaurant, the later the better. When DH and I arrived at the restaurant at 9:00 pm, we were some of the only diners for quite some time. Upon arrival at the restaurant, we paid 35 pesos. When we left the restaurant we had to pay 150 pesos. Same house, same cab ride. I was so angry, I called the restaurant. They informed me that at night, cabs charge different fares depending on what time you travel. Just a side note. Not necessarily applicable to Harry’s but definitely something to be mindful of in general.

Buen Provecho!

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