Restaurant Review: La Casa De Tono

Until I stepped into Casa De Tono, I can honestly say that I had never eaten in a dining hall.

Last Saturday, DH decided that we needed to go local.

Mexican families spend a lot of time together, and much of that time is spent gathered at the table. Here, families eat together, talk with one another and don’t rush through meals. Kids are expected to participate in family activities and electronic devices are not welcome at the table. Time spent with family is prioritized.

I have been learning a thing or two from Mexican culture.

So, going local, we grabbed a cab and got ready to stand in line at one of the most popular eating establishments in Mexico City: La Casa De Tono.

The restaurant has several locations around town. When we jumped into our cab and told the driver which location we wanted to go to, he promptly over-rode us and took us to his favorite location.

Hey, he had the keys!

When we showed up, we were thrilled to see that there wasn’t a line and there was immediately room for three! Generally, regardless of location, if you visit this restaurant, you will stand in line. The service is prompt and the line moves quickly (DH has eaten here several times, and reports this info).

The line!

The food is fresh and delicious. The service is prompt. The decor is spartan (the menu is on the table and gigantic photographs of food platters line the walls). The restaurant claims to have the best pozole in town and both DH and the boy felt that it was awesome. The boy sucked down all of the broth, he liked it so much, and the waiter very kindly brought him additional broth so that he could enjoy the soup and have a true pozole experience.

The World’s Best Pozole!

Like many restaurants here they also serve quesadillias–but unlike the kind of quesadillias one might eat in the States, they’re deep fried. The menu also has other sopes (soups), tostadas and flautas (small rolled up tacos) as well.


The meal was delicious and very inexpensive.  When the check arrived, DH was surprised to learn that the restaurant accepted credit cards. Apparently, in the past they were a cash only operation.

I loved going to this restaurant. It felt like an authentic Mexican dining experience. The food was great and affordable. And, it will be on the short list of places to take visitors. It’s the kind of place where you feel like you’re experiencing Mexico without exploiting the locals–and who doesn’t want their guests to be full, happy and satisfied?


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