Dining With DH at Pujol: One of the World’s Top Restaurants!

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I love food.

Love. Love. Love.

Minneapolis has a robust foodie community, and one of the things that I will miss the most is visiting great restaurants and food trucks with my friends and doing fun things like Foodspotting.

DH gets extra points for rolling out the welcome wagon. He has worked really hard to make sure that I like Mexico City and has put forth great effort to make sure that things are going ok. In preparation for my arrival, he did a little research and found out that two of the top 50 Restaurants in the world are located here. While that’s exciting, it is impossible to get reservations. So, leveraging the, “my-wife-is-new-here-and-I-want-her-to-love it-card”, DH sent both restaurants an email in broken Spanish and somehow secured the golden ticket to both restaurants: Pujol and Biko.


Having the opportunity to dine at two of the best restaurants in the world is so thrilling!

Last week we ate at Pujol. Pujol is ranked #36 on the list and it did not disappoint. Having dined at many wonderful restaurants, I was surprised by the simplicity of the dishes and the fact that we ate more than half of the courses with our fingers!! We went for the degustation menu and selected the land option.

We enjoyed the tasting menu, and agreed that it was authentic Mexican cuisine and had a creative presentation. Each small plate was a work of art and drew from Mexico’s heritage in both presentation and ingredient selection.

One surprise: we both felt that the service was outstanding, and in no way mirrored the many complaints we had seen on Trip Advisor in advance of our visit.

Our only gripe? The portion size was super small. And, while some people probably feel that serving tiny, tiny portions adds to the allure of a restaurant, I personally find it annoying. I’m not looking for Old Country Buffet–but a bite really isn’t adequate, and many of the courses were just that: beautiful, tasty and small.

The verdict: the restaurant delivered artful food, but the small portions were a drawback. I’d be willing to return with friends if we were celebrating something special. We both had the land tasting menu and agreed that we would be curious to try the sea menu for comparison. The atmosphere is elegant and the setting is special and romantic–with managed expectations it would be worth one more visit.

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