If Señor Isn’t Hungry, No One’s Hungry!

Before we left, I was pretty excited to have a live in maid. Sure it’s awkward having a stranger live with you, but there are perks too.

What I failed to realize is that living with a husband, son and boy dog made me the odd “man” out. Our maid caters to their every wish, especially those of DH. She cooks for those three, does their laundry, puts their laundry away, etc. She leave my clothes in a pile and offers everyone dessert but me.

I’m sorry! Aren’t I the person who brings her cookies and cupcakes???

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me back up.

Before we got married, DH used to wine and dine me at bed and breakfast inns and pretended to like breakfast. I will never forget waking up, after our wedding, still in my dress and asking for room service. His reply? “Get what you want. I hate breakfast.”


Now that he creates cereal, he’s passionate about that but not committed to the joys of french toast, egg sandwiches and muffins. Often, he likes to eat at work because there are so many great cereal options.

So on mornings when he does not want to eat at home, no one eats. It sucks, because I ❤ breakfast and am not happy when there is no coffee and breakfast. Today was one of those mornings when DH wanted breakfast at the office. Fine with me. So of course, Manuela closed the kitchen and fed the boy and I nothing. Now, I am not helpless, but I was a little pissed. So, I “opened” the kitchen back up–slamming cabinets and doors around in the process–and made my own coffee, baked my own muffins and made sure we ate.

I need to figure out the best way (in Spanish) to have the “what’s working, what’s not conversation with Manuela and explain to her that I insist on breakfast.

I don’t really need or want anything else from her, but her limiting my access to coffee and the breakfast stuffs because it’s “her kitchen” has to stop. I can wash my own clothes, put my own clothes away, get my own dessert, whatever, but I need access to the coffee.



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4 Responses to If Señor Isn’t Hungry, No One’s Hungry!

  1. Boina Roja says:

    How about kicking Manuela to the curb? And get yourself a maid who does a proper job?

  2. Meredith Tutterow says:

    Simple! Just say “Yo quiero el desayuno, por favor!” with a huge smile on your face. Seriously, though–managing people in your home is challenging, and I can’t imagine how much more difficult it is with a language and cultural barrier. Doesn’t sound as though MN Nice translates 🙂 Good luck! We miss y’all!

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