Tio Pepe’s Farm Adventure

Mexico City has many expats in its community. So many, that it actually has a Newcomers Club for new expats. You know that I love the internet, and was more than happy to join the fun when the Newcomer’s Club said that they were going to Tio Pepe’s Farm, an interactive farm for kids. 

A lady in my neighborhood posted that she’d love to share a ride-so I wrote back and asked if I could join her on the ride to the farm. She hired a driver, picked me up and introduced me to another woman in my building while we were loading the car! Not bad for the first five minutes of our friendship!

I should note that even though I have a lot of friends in the States, I really hate strangers and strange places. Going to this farm with a bunch of strangers in a strange city (country) was a big leap of faith for me. However, the great thing about being a mom and feeling horribly guilty about moving my child away from all of his friends is that it creates a willingness to do things that are a departure from my normal routine and comfort zone. When we arrived, the boy was the only school aged child in the group.

I thought he was going to kill me. Lucky for me he’s more evolved. He looked at the toddlers, Spanish speaking tour guide and looked at me and said, “this is going to be a great way for me to improve my Spanish.”

Excuse the duplicate images. I can’t seem to delete them without deleting everything!

Thank God, I have the boy and his glass half-full personality!

We toured the farm, fed animals and met some new people. It was a great opportunity to see farm animals, learn new words and see the boy ride a horse for the first time since he returned from summer camp!

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