Paperwork Required

The clock is ticking. We are days away from DH’s departure, and it feels like so many things are right where they were months ago, when we decided to make this our next big step. Today, we went to the Consulado de Mexico in St. Paul to secure our visa paperwork so that DH can legally work and get paid and the boy and I can legally travel in and out of Mexico. It should be noted that this was a trip in and of itself, because after living here for eight years, we have become those Minneapolis people who never venture over the river to St. Paul. I have to laugh when I hear people call Minneapolis and St. Paul the Twin Cities because if anything they’re fraternal at best! St. Paul is pretty and provincial, Minneapolis is the glitzy cousin. Unless Minneapolis natives have official business or are going to a museum, they rarely go to St. Paul.

Before leaving the house DH insisted that we “dress up” because we were meeting government officials today. Really? Welcome to my life.

Imagine his surprise when we got there and had to stand in line with tons of other families and folks– none of whom were remotely dressed up. I felt like an overdressed fool. And as the only non-Mexican people in the Consulado we looked ridiculous. Pity, apparently is a universal emotion because without much of a wait, one of the secretaries behind the counter came around to save us and offered to process our paperwork. Although we were supposed to have an appointment, the person we were to meet was no where to be seen and did not answer his phone when we called. No surprise there.

All of our information had to be hand-keyed (thank God there are only three of us) so, the same nice woman offered to let us leave and grab lunch and then come back to the front of the line upon return. Thank goodness for her!



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