These Jeans Have A Story

I was reading an article about storytelling, and came across a mention of Hiut Denim. Apparently, a guy named David Hieatt, started Hiut Denim to reintroduce employment opportunities in his hometown of Cardigan–a small, rural factory town in England. According to the brand’s web site, the town used to make 35,000 pairs of jeans a week and was a denim mecca until its factory closed in 2001.

Determined to harness the intellectual property of all that jean-making expertise, David has created a denim company that is helping denim masters get their jobs back. The super cool thing is that he’s interested in learning where the jeans go–and hearing the story of the adventures they have!

Each pair of Hiuts come with an identification number, called a History Tag. Hiut jean owners simply go to the History Tag website and register their pants and start chronicling their adventures!

They can upload pictures of where they went and what they did! While this might seem a little obsessive, it seemed like it might also be motivational for the 6 person sewing team back at the denim factory–who wouldn’t want to see what adventures the jeans they had made were having?

I’m obviously obsessed with this idea, and am Twitter stalking the company to see when they’re able to accept more orders–demand has been so high that they’ve stopped taking orders and are focused on quality. But, what I’m loving even more than the History Tags is the Size Guide feature on their web site. You heard me. Jean and Size Guide in the same sentence. As you would expect, it does help you find the right size for your jeans–but what’s even better is the “aging process” that they demonstrate. The very cool feature demonstrates how your jeans will age and fade over time– three years, to be precise. I couldn’t help thinking to myself that these jeans might be just what I need for our move to Mexico City!

The visual demonstration makes the price tag more palatable, especially if you’re paying £130-£260 for a pair of jeans. But can you put a price on adventure–or the handmade craftsmanship of a small team of experts?

We won’t know until Hiut Denim orders are being accepted again….



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