We Have A Saying Here In Mexico…

It’s never good to find out about a colloquialism after the fact. DH took us to a nice restaurant. Of course, the boy and I decided to order shrimp, our favorite dinner. The shrimp came out on a hot, personal tray that continued to sizzle and cook them. We hungrily snapped them up. We ate them so quickly, I forgot to take a photo of their cool presentation. The next day, the boy started throwing up, and he did not stop for 24 hours. I soon followed, and we spent a miserable day and a half in bed, instead of at the zoo or the castle down the street. While I really didn’t like the hotel we stayed at, prior to being deathly ill, I can sincerely say, had it not been for Marco and the rest of the housekeeping staff at the hotel I do not know what we would have done!

We were also so thankful that the super travel doctor gave us a prescription for some emergency drugs! We used them and considered them our “get out of jail free card”.

Two days later, when we emerged from our room, we told Renee, our guide that we had food poisoning, she was far from surprised.

We have a saying here in Mexico. If a month has an ‘r’ in it, we don’t eat fish. You’re here now, and the month is Avril!

Lesson learned. Diet planned!


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